Tax Information Update

Welcome to the Tax Information Update Website

Background: Businesses that accept payment cards and/or third party network transactions must provide an accurate taxpayer identification number (TIN) and corresponding tax filing name as stated by the Internal Revenue Service in IRC Section 6050W.

Purpose: This web site provides a means to update invalid tax information on your merchant account.

What happens if you do not provide updated information? Your Reporting Entity may be required to withhold income tax by deducting it from the amount to be funded to your merchant account if your TIN is missing or your tax information does not match IRS records.

Obtaining Confirmation:

After you have updated your tax information on the following screens, it will take approximately 48 business hours to validate the information with the IRS.

The following options are available for you to obtain the results:

  1. Provide your e-mail address and an e-mail message will be sent with the results of the validation; or
  2. Log in to this web site after 48 business hours and check the validation status.